Choosing a Home Security System

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Security systems are one of the best ways to keep your home safe from break-ins, but knowing which ones to consider for your home can be a challenge.  That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and effective security systems on the market today. We will help you choose the one that is right for your home and have you feeling safe and secure in no time.

There are hundreds of security systems available, which can make choosing the right one a difficult endeavor.  In order to help you more easily select a security system that is efficient, effective, and makes you feel safe, our expert locksmiths have compiled a list of five of the most popular home alarm systems on the market today. These systems are ranked on, amongst other things, quality and customer service.

Top Five Home Security Systems

  • Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers standard and wireless protection, as well as a self- check feature that ensures all sensors are active and in good working order.  The wireless security option allows you to control the system on a touch screen that connects to your wireless devices. In addition, you can set, disable, or monitor the security system from your phone, iPad, tablet, or notebook.

  • Vivint

Vivint can be activated by mobile, voice, or home control, which allows you to engage and monitor the system whether at home or away.  With its wireless feature, you can be updated about the status of your home security through the Vivint app on your smartphone.

  • Link Interactive


Link Interactive offers customers the option of building their own security system based on what they feel they need.  This company offers a variety of security cameras, wireless door and window alarms, panic buttons, and control panels that are mounted on the wall.

  • SimpliSafe

Simplisafe is known for being very easy to use, as it requires no drilling or installation.  This system sends encrypted messages from the alarm to the base station and features a backup battery in case of a power out.

  • ADT

ADT has been on the market for well over 100 years and offers a myriad of services that include keypad systems, motion sensors, and texts to your cell phone that provide security updates. ADT also provides motion sensors that will take your pets' movements into account so their normal activity does not register as that of an intruder.

Home Alarm System Services


The locksmiths of Nationwide Locksmiths are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly experienced.  We are available for consultations, advice, and home alarm and security installation whenever you need them.  And because we know that your time is precious, we aim to provide the best, friendly customer service we can.

As dependable locksmiths with a name you can trust, we welcome to ask about the systems highlighted here, as well as others you may have heard of in other places.  Our goal is to provide you with the home alarm security system that fits your home, your style, and your budget.

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