Keeping Your Boat Secure

Keeping your boat secure in the marina

When you're seeking professional locksmith services, you want experts who have experience with various kinds of locks and can meet your specific needs. At 247 Nationwide Locksmiths, we don't just take care of your home of office building, we are also equipped and prepared for your vehicle, motorcycle, or even your boat


Lost your keys? We can pick any kind of lock!

Whether you're getting ready to cruise on your yacht for a long weekend or go for a ride on your speedboat, lost keys can put a huge kink in your plans. Our boat locksmiths can get to you quickly and take care of the problem so you can be on your way. If your key is lost or broken, they can make you a new one on the spot. Many people think that new keys cannot be made without the original, but with the technology our locksmiths have, they are able to make a brand new key by fitting it to the lock. Our experts carry all of their equipment in their vehicles so they are ready to pick locks or make new keys anywhere they go. We can make you keys for any locks on the boat, from the engine key to the storage compartment keys, or even the locks at your marina.


Lock complications common in damp areas: Rusted or broken locks

brine rusted locks

If you have any locks that are rusted or broken, we can also fix those in no time at all. Because the locks on boats are exposed to a lot of moisture and sometimes saltwater, they can rust easily and may become difficult to turn.

This can happen to the locks on the interior or exterior of your boat, or even the lock you use to secure your boat at the marina. Rust buildup can block lock entry so you are unable to insert a key, or cause keys to become stuck. We are able to replace broken or rusted locks and can recommend new locks with good weather resistance that are less likely to rust in the future.


Consider a security assessment for your boat.

Especially if you own a house boat or yacht, your boat requires various kinds of locks and stores many valuable items. Having one of our professionals come to assess your current security system is a good way to stay prepared for the many things that could happen. Our experts know what to look for and can tell you if any locks are not functioning optimally and where you may benefit from increased security. And if you don't yet have an alarm system for your boat, we can make recommendations for the best security systems on the market. Other possible additions to your security could be security cameras or motion detecting lights for where your boat is docked. Whatever you are wanting, we can customize the plan that is right for you.


Any kind of lock, anytime!

At 24/7 Nationwide Locksmiths, we have professionals standing by around the clock for any of your locksmith needs, from lock-outs to a new lock installation. We know how important it is for us to arrive promptly and work efficiently so you can get back to life as usual. And we work hard to provide you with great prices that you can afford. Our mobile locksmiths can come to you anywhere, as long as it's on land. Utilize our boat, motorcycle, house, business or car locksmith services for the best service in the business.


Call us today to get a free price quote on any of our services and find out more about how we can optimize your security!



What Customers Say About Us

Tyler Goodman
Wilshire Blvd

My office is in Los Angeles and I often need to meet people. So the day my office door stopped to work, I was both sad and upset. My secretary called for me 247 Los Angeles Locksmiths and I was pleased from the fast job and professional education the guy from Locksmiths have. My work day was safe!

Sophia Tucker
98th Street

Unexpected situations are always embarrassing and upsetting… especially if you have no time at all! When I realized my garage door wasn’t working I nearly got a heart attack! After some minutes I got a great idea and I called 247 Los Angeles Locksmiths: the guys arrived on time and did an excellent work.

Daniel Moss
Central Ave

Now that I know from personal experience how expert and good the 247 Los Angeles Locksmiths guys, I will never ever fear a broken door! Thanks to the fast and hard job the guys did, I could use my kitchen door again. About pricing I can only say they are honest and affordable.