Why Your Office Needs Door Push Bars

It is unfortunate, but people do not tend to act in the best way during emergencies. At minimum, they panic and freeze up and at worse, it becomes a situation where “every man is for himself.” Crises are something we never want to have happen, but when they do, we are so much happier that we at least had some preparation for them.

Nonetheless, for some reason, the last thing we think about is the safety of businesses. We get so concerned with whatever our business is that we neglect to actually make a thorough safety plan. Whether it is a fire, earthquake, or any other catastrophe, you need to be prepared. It doesn’t take much time to formulate a solid strategy to ensure the safety of you, your employees and your office. Some of the key things you need are:

  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • Clear signage
  • Safety drills
  • Appointed crisis management leaders
  • Panic doors

Among all of these things, panic bars are the most important because they ensure that you can exit quickly and safely during a crisis.

panic doors

What are Panic Doors?

Even if you do not know this term, you would doubtlessly recognize one. Most public buildings are equipped with door push bars and they typically feature a sign that reads “Alarm will sound if pushed.” These doors feature handles that are spring-loaded so you can push the door open while simultaneously unlatching the lock. Even though this only saves a few seconds, this time adds up quickly in an emergency and can truly be the difference between life and death because it allows people to be able to rapidly exit the building.


Where are they found?

If you are in the process of establishing an office, then this is a good time to check whether local regulations require the presence of a safety door or not. Depending on the size or type of your business, it might be mandated that you have one. Regardless of laws, they are just a good idea.

They are an ideal part of an emergency system because generally they will set off an alarm in the entire building. This helps to ensure that everyone is notified if there is a dangerous situation going on. Typically, there are on doors that lead to stairwells, rear exits, and roofs and they are a proven way of preventing people from a slowing down during an emergency.


Additional Safety Features

Panic doors are just one component of a comprehensive safety plan. There are some additional measures that you can take to further improve the security of your building:

  • High-tech locks- These days, there are a variety of different lock systems that you can not only make your office more secure, but offer greater convenience than traditional keys. Keycards, keypads, and smart locks all offer great ways to keep track of who has been coming and going. Not only that, but they are much more difficult to pick as compared to standard locks.
  • Security Cameras-These go hand in hand with solid locks. Security cameras give you the opportunity to actually see what’s going on. In case of a break-in, you are much more likely to be able to catch a suspect and they give the ability to keep track of your employees particularly when you are away.
  • Motion Sensors- Both motion sensor lights and cameras are very effective security mechanisms. Not only this, both typically utilize battery backup systems so they can provide you with lighting in the event that the power goes out.
  • Deadbolt/Deadlocks Systems- Most locks are very vulnerable to either lock picks or people using a slim jim. When you have secure locks, the threat of this is minimized.
  • Alarm System- Many people just put alarm signs on their doors and windows even if they do not actually subscribe to a service. This alone is somewhat effective, but actually having a company watching out for you is a lot better. They can notify you if there is an emergency as well as contact the appropriate authorities. Not only this, many alarms now utilize smart systems so that they can notify you about all kinds of things.
  • Exit Lightning- Most states require this anyway, but it always a good idea to have clearly marked exits.office security


Service for You

Whether you choose to install a panic door, an alarm system, or all of these things, we can help you. Our certified commercial locksmiths  have years of experience and the tools to do any job. If you are in the process of establishing a new office or just interested in improving the security of your current one, we can help you assess the individual safety needs that your business has.

Because we know that emergencies do not happen that most convenient, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. That means if you have an incident at 2:30 am, we will be out there in twenty minutes or less with everything necessary to get your office safe again.


Keeping It Safe

An investment in the security of your office is an investment in yourself. Although there are so many costs in establishing a business, these things that will keep you safe are a mere fraction of all the other expenses you might. Think about it, why would spend so much time and money on planning, inventory, staff and logistics and not make sure that all of these things are in a safe environment?


Protect your business and give us a call today!

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