Keep your Pool Safe and Fun This Summer With Child Safety Gates


Summer brings with it blistering heat, need to for people to stay around pools and extra work for stay-at-home moms and nannies. It takes a second for an adult to lose sight of a toddler. Most accidents involving children occur when they are alone. For homes with pools, adults need more than a watchful eye to keep children safe.

The Straitstimes reported that half of drowning incidences that occurred last year in Singapore happened in pools in condos. The report was a wake-up call to the fact that drowning can happen anywhere.  Authorities recommend a range of safety measures to minimize drowning at home.

Employ these defenses around your home to keep your child from drowning.


Consider Investing in a Quality Pool Fence

Erecting a pool safety fence should not entirely be about design. Pool fences serve an artistic and protective purpose. A high wall can prevent toddlers from climbing over it, but they can use stairs, doorways, and gates to get in. Authorities insist that gates must be self-locking to help prevent accidental drowning in such cases.

Perform regular pool fence inspections to ensure your fence is sturdy. Ensure there are no shaky boards or spaces a child can squeeze in through. Your backyard fence should not stop you from building a fence around the pool. Multiple barriers fortify the defenses against drowning.

pool safety fenceChildren can use planks of wood, trash cans and other things around the fence to climb over it. The gates on the fence should be firm. Some fence gates are weak enough to shake open. Use chains for extra strength especially when people don't frequent the pool. Weather changes like storms can easily break the locks without your knowledge. You can replace weak pool locks with padlocks if you have trouble finding a good locksmith immediately.


Fully Functional Child Safety Gates

Toddlers are old enough to explore but don't understand the dangers in their world. Their curiosity draws them to tubs, pools, toilets and puddles formed by rainfall water.

Fences are useless if the child safety gates are faulty or left unlocked. The height of a pool safety fence should be about four feet. Inquisitive toddlers are known to leave the safety of their playpens by climbing out of them and wandering off. A four-foot high pool fence is too high for them to climb over.

Invest in child safety gates with automatic locks. Automatic pool locks close off the only entry way the child has in case you forget to secure the gate.

The most common types of child safety gates are metallic with metal bars running from one end to the other. The bars should be close enough to prevent even the skinniest pet from slipping through. Alternatively, install meshed gates. A child or pet cannot slide through gauzes.

Fix damaged pool locks as soon as possible. Parents, who've experienced near fatal drowning incidences with their children, admit that they underestimated their child's ability to work a door's lock.

pool safety


Install Childproof Pool Covers

Pool covers are a defense that comes in handy when fences fail for some reason. The cover should be firmly secured around the entire pool. Ensure you drain water that collects atop the cover. Most covers are made of waterproof material. Prices vary according to brands and shops.

Safety covers work best with regular shaped pools. Unusually shaped pools may require other types of drowning defenses. The idea of a cover is to conceal the pool. A rectangular cover won't cover up a hexagonal pool completely.  The best pool covers are automated and operate like garage doors.


Life-Saving Alarms to Complement Pool Locks

Install alarms that go off when someone opens a pool fence gate. They give you enough time to save a child that's about to go inside the pool area before the child take’s a dive.  Sophisticated alarm systems have the ability to notify different people through cellphones. However, a high-level alarm system should come second to fences and locks.

You can also make use of wearable alarms. The alarm is designed to set off when the child's wrist comes into contact with water. These types of alarms seem tedious to put on a child on a daily basis but are useful in situations where many people are gathered around a pool. It is easy to lose track of a child's whereabouts in such instances. Invest in wristbands that indicate that a child is a non-swimmer too.

Finally, teaching children how to swim is not enough prevention against drowning.  When you have many children in one pool, ensure there are just as many adults. Sometimes, pool covers don't fold completely. Chances of a child getting trapped in them are high.

More importantly, be prepared for every possible outcome. Learn how to perform CPR from a recognized institution or health practitioner. Save emergency numbers on your cellphone to get professional help fast when the worst happens.


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