Understanding Master Key Systems

Master key

If you want to be able to access several apartments in your building with one convenient key, a master key system might offer the perfect solution for your needs.

A master key is not in and of itself unique in any way. Master key systems provide the security and practical benefits that they do because of the lock cylinders within the locks, not because of the actual master key. There is nothing magical about a master key. At the end of the day, if the key is used anywhere other than with the specific locks that it is designed to unlock, it is completely useless.

How do Master Key Systems Work?

When it comes to keys in general, every lock has only one specific type of key that is used to lock and unlock it. To the uninitiated, it might seem like there are an endless amount of locks around. There are many different types of locks, but when it comes to the mechanisms that make locks function, standard locks all work in pretty much the same way. Since locks work in basically the same way, it is possible to make master key systems. Creating a master key system that works well is complicated to do, but our professional LA locksmiths have the tools, skills and knowhow to assist you with any master key system issues that require our services.

Inside each lock chamber is a small pin that lies on the lowest part of the lock chamber. On top of those pins, is another layer of pins that blocks the rotation of the lock’s cylinder plug each time a wrong key is inserted. On top of both layers of pins, are metal springs that hold the pins in place. When the right key is inserted into the lock, the pins will all line up so that the entire chamber can be turned, unlocking the lock. The process of creating a master key system is done by adding a variety of metal wafers into the lock so that the pin line up when several different keys are inserted.

The Advantages of Using a Master Key System

The reason why master key systems are so popular is because they provide a certain convenience to business owners, maintenance workers, and building landlords. Master key systems help insure that those individuals who are in charge can access all the spaces in a building while using only one key. There are many other advantages that come with using a master key system, including:

  • Most keys in a master key system cannot be duplicated without the consent of the building super or the company’s CEO adds another level to the building’s security.
  • Master key system keys are unique in that they have their own original style that is copyrighted, which means that the key’s style can’t by copied or remade in a similar style.
  • These systems can be changed and worked with in order to adapt to not only meet your immediate needs, but also your facility’s long-term needs. 

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